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Sakthi septic tank cleaning

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Septic tanks remove solids from the wastewater that is disposed of down your drains. This includes waste from bathrooms, laundry, and kitchens in your property. When these solids are separated from the liquid, they can either settle to the bottom of the tank, known as sludge, or the solids can float to the surface and form a layer of scum.

How old is your septic tank?

If you need to clean your tank because it has been a while, just put our team to work. We'd be happy to pump out our tank and remove any trace of sludge and debris.

How many times have

you had it cleaned?

We proudly serve areas all over Ohio, including Coimbatore, Palakkad, Ooty and beyond! Call today for the area's highest quality septic tank cleaning service.








Everyone Can Benefit From Cleaning Their Septic Tank

If you don't regularly clean your septic system and have it pumped out, you may experience a serious buildup of sludge and debris. You'll notice a foul odor that may linger and be difficult to remove, even once your tank has been pumped, and you may also see leaking and flooding of sludge and other sewage.

In addition to the colossal inconvenience you may face if you don't maintain and clean your tank, you may also get pushback from the Health Department. To ensure you have no problems, be sure to keep a copy of a receipt from your cleaning. Our team would be happy to provide you with documents for your records.

To avoid scaring away customers or frightening any of your employees, have your tanks pumped out by the professionals who care about a job well done. No one wants to deal with a sewage leak. Avoid a huge mess with the help of Sakthi Septic Service. Just give our team a call today to schedule your septic tank cleaning. From Coimbatore, Palakkad, Ooty and beyond, we provide the highest quality of service.